sustaining a practice

working towards a craft fair has been quite a learning curve and a very enjoyable process: from intense studio days, to exploring presentation options, pricing, display and meeting with the public. there is certainly a market out there for hand-pulled screen print works. not a bad start this year as i continue to explore avenues... Continue Reading →

the handmade

it has been a busy few weeks preparing for a craft fair and i am very happy with the reception of my work. its nice to get a little back in terms of feedback and funds, which will probably end up paying for more materials. not a bad start anyway. the overheads were low this... Continue Reading →

a bit of distance

since i last posted, i have continued to work on my video project. while i really love being out on the road gathering footage again, the process has brought me to a place a bit away from the project brief so i decided not to submit. I hope to continue this project but have parked... Continue Reading →

end & start

end and start: i managed to get my work together for a submission yesterday and today I am now getting ready for some research gathering, which involves a bit of a road trip with cameras. so today the cameras are being sourced, cleared of files and charged, and my travel routes are been decided and... Continue Reading →

change of plan

thought i'd work on my chair series but felt it wasn't working at that scale so am standing back from it for the moment. instead, i revisited some of the images i took over the summer on st. declan's way. i am working on 2 images in tandem and like how they are working so... Continue Reading →

continuing …

moving it along: really trying to push this print series along. although making headway, perhaps not as much as i had hoped. its now at a 4 colour point on one image of the series and have yet to start printing the second one that's prepared for print. So far okay, although i am finding... Continue Reading →

mail art project

following through: i had committed to doing a mail art project a few months ago and had almost forgotten about it until i got a reminder about the deadline. despite this, i really enjoyed playing around with the envelop format and the theme. i decided to keep going with the print run to make a... Continue Reading →

things overlapping

i've had a productive few days. nothing near finished but a few things started. i'm working over and back between continuing to develop a print series and starting to gather and research for a video/installation idea. i like how different ideas overlap, resonate and inform each other. and i like how things don't have to... Continue Reading →

the year ahead…..

this year: i have decided to carve out more time for my studio practice and, over the last few days, i have been making a plan on how to make the most of my time. so far, i have made a list of a few ideas that i want to work on, as well as... Continue Reading →

moving again

mountains etc: i am working on a few things at the moment. for the last few weeks, i have been developing a small series of screen prints of the galtee mountains - some elements are working, more to do. might park it for a bit and then return to it in a few weeks with... Continue Reading →

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