start anywhere

starting in the ‘wrong’ place. so much to love about Bruce Mau’s incomplete manifesto for growth (www. – ‘process is more important than outcome’ always seem to underpin my approach to making but at the moment i have been working on print editions for various submissions and feeling a little conflicted about really wanting to do them because i love physically printing and seeing digital become material but somehow feeling ‘whats that got to do with anything?’ and the ideas i want to explore around landscape, gender, body and movement. ‘forget about the good’ seems to also tease by brain while i make work knowing it will have an audience for these submissions.

landscape as frame: then as if by chance while printing last weekend on one such edition where frame, margin and the space around the image on the page becomes really important for the print registrations, as i printed, ideas about how the real physical landscape could also become the margin around the image and how the still image could be completed and framed by the real and moving landscape. somehow this could be captured by the moving image as it part of a cycle of seeing and understanding the landscape… so by kind of starting in the ‘wrong’ place i am in another place (not better) for starting to explore and make those connections. there really is no wrong place to start.

a plan of sorts: last week i committed to making a plan and naming my tasks. i don’t think i am ready to be too prescriptive yet so here goes.

this week: print edition for last (?) submission and write accompanying bio etc documents for this submission and send off. read the link to a transmaterial approach that KF sent me.

next 2 weeks: explore landscape as margin with image. start to revisit some of last years work such as ‘i see and i saw’. consider audience, site, display, engagement for short presentation.





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