making a start

where to begin?: following on from my work from last year i have lots of possible starting points for developing work in relation to landscape, body and gender. why landscape, body and gender? suffice for now – because it has to be me and it has to be the landscape (articulation will come). so around these ideas, each of the pieces i made last year i now ask “where could these pieces take me to next” so in effect they do become pauses in my process. i intend to go through them all one by one and rigorously even if it hurts and stretches my logical brain.

how to begin? as well as exploring ideas, i think that all of them will allow me to question my choice of media and processes because i feel my video art making seems at odds with my print work and i would like to see if and/or how they relate or could relate. why? because i think this is could be exciting and full of surprises and a way of generating and sustaining my art practice. so i will now also begin to look at how moving and still imagery relate in my work and in relation to landscape, gender and body. a logical list: projecting moving on still imagery and vice versa, overlapping and intersecting still and moving images, interrupting with moving and still images with object, stilling the moving image, moving the still image. on and on….

transmaterial approach?: one of the areas i might want to research is a transmaterial approach to the experimentation, looking at how bodily movement affects the landscape and vice versa which could resonate with landscape and gender and my art making processes…. or maybe not.

a schedule of some kind?:  i could talk about starting points, where and how i could begin etc but it’s probably best to begin. so a short term plan for the moment – this week: post this by way of commiting. tidy up all outstanding art submission paperwork and send of print edition for print exchange. next week: make a proper plan and name your tasks.

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