making and not thinking

took to the studio this evening as we had an individual research week. as planned, i wanted to try and clear some of my submission paperwork and also get going on some of the print editions that i had committed to.

one of the submissions was for a print edition with an open theme and just gives a brief of paper size 8 x 8  inches and an edition of 12. i spent much time going through all my images and trying to work on an image for print around my usual concerns of landscape, body and gender etc. i came across one a photo i had taken a few years ago of jellyfish which stopped me in my tracks. struggling with the question why, whats that got to do with anything, i resisted the logical part of my brain that wants things to make sense so i printed the image because i wanted to see it and make it physically. during my discussion with KF i touched on some of these things – trying to make sense of things in my practice and figuring out how different aspect of my practice relate. all i can say is i feel all the better for printing it and printing it again and again, getting physically involved in image making and giving my brain a bit of a break.

postscript: ‘jellies’ edition of 12 screen prints off to horned toad print exchange and exhibition in el paso texas and across the border to mexico. already thinking of how i will re work for a new edition.


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