Lensless image making continued

photograms: i have continued to work away in my darkroom this week – using more found objects from my walks. i am getting a better sense of timing for their exposure and development and longer exposure times seem to work best for these opaque and semi-opaque objects and shadows. i plan on continuing to explore this process until the box of photographic paper is gone. i also tried exposing translucent and semi-translucent glass containers – all of which create amazing shadow effects. i am interested in their subtlety and hope to explore further. again, i explored the timing of these exposures and find the mid tones seem to work best for this type of object material (around 8 seconds). not sure where any of this process is going at the moment but as a wet process it ties in with gendered image making processes be that landscape or otherwise.

pinhole camera work: i am also trying to get a better handle on my image making using a pinhole camera. my initial session yielded over exposed images – pure black in some cases. i think my opening cover was leaking light so i have now doubled up on the material to avoid this. the pinhole images from my second session ended up under exposed, having give 8 to 10 second exposures. at least i know where to go from here and will try another session with at least 20 seconds exposure. it might turn out that the pinhole is too large but just working one step at a time. anyway, here are some images of my sessions so far.

lensless landscape processes to be continued ….

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