statement (towards a comma)

written work: i have had the head down researching, reading and writing my contextual study for the past few weeks. while i have really enjoyed the routine of heading down to the studio every morning and getting stuck in, it has been a hard slog working my way through reading material and trying to clarify/articulate my thoughts related to lens and gender in the framing of the landscape. i am also working on my professional practice plan which requires my artist statement so i thought today that i would rewrite my last years statement which might help me write my contextual study introduction and conclusion. i will also be needing an artist statement for the exhibition and a statement would help with my group crit presentation next week.

statement – the dos and don’ts:  we had an interesting writing workshop with LE last month where L suggested we describe our practice in 3 chucks – what it is (media, scale, colour, materials etc), what is about (area of ideas, questions, exploration), why is it relevant (why should anyone care about this work). i have also read the chapter about writing a statement in Gilda Williams How to Write about Contemporary Art (2014) who also advises to be specific and clear. I like how Williams also suggests to interest the reader. i realise my previous statement was a bit vague but there is something i like about vagueness as it leave lots if room for the audience to interpret how they like, anyway, with these points in mind here is a working draft as i rewrite.

artist statement

key words: landscape, lens, gender, body, frame, reframing, question, disrupt and challenge gender binaries inherent in landscape’s framing, rectilinear frame, gendered viewpoints.

what is it: various lens-based processes of landscapes using video, photography and print or a combination of multi-channel video projection and/or print installation (various scales), outdoor landscapes capturing natural light and colour of the landscape.

what is it about: it looks at how the landscape is framed, how the lens acts as an extension of the body and a point of contact between body and landscape as an embodied practice, how the lens is gendered in its framing of the landscape, how the landscape’s framing is most often based on gendered binaries of the past. it seeks to disrupt these gendered binaries and challenge the rectilinear framed landscape as a reflection of past gender values,

why is it relevant: landscape is deeply connected to gender values (and irish identity). its about time we questioned and challenged the way the landscape is framed which has been based on gender binaries of the past as these binaries are outdated and no longer reflect gender values that call for greater gender equality.


draft statement: 

Drawn to the outdoors with my camera, my work explores my relationship to the landscape as image maker.

Using lens-based processes – video, photography and print, I explore how the landscape is viewed and experienced according to the gendered body and how this translates into landscape imagery.

Considering the lens as part of an embodied practice – a point of contact between body and landscape, I question the validity of gender binaries inherent in the lens’ framing of the landscape, seeking to disrupt these binaries through a process of reframing.

This reframing involves unsettling the pictorial frame and the gendering of lens-based processes: by combining still and moving images, digital and analogue photography, factual and fictitious narratives in multi-channel video and print installations. 

At the heart of this reframing lies a desire to challenge gender binaries towards greater gender diversity and equality. 

some thoughts: covered most of my points within 150 words (148!). good opening sentence and i think i cover what is it and and what is it about well enough. however i don’t explain the inherent gender values as this would be a long list. also i am not happy with the last sentence – not sure how to improve so ill stand back for a day or two… over all, better than it was so i’m getting there.



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