sliver landscape (making day)

plan for making day: for making day i plan to revisit the framing of the landscape using the rectilinear frame but this time really trying to stretch it horizontally as much as i can. i have head my stuck in my contextual study these last few days and discussing how the horizontality of the rectilinear frame is rooted in patriarchal values connected with male gaze visions of beauty and pastoral idylls. i did begin this type of work before christmas and now feel i could stretch it further. so for today i will work at a small scale today and then decide how to proceed.

prep on making day: i started by looking through my images and then deciding how to crop – pre or post bitmap printing? there would be no difference in outcome but one method might be more authentic than the other – maybe i will edit both ways to see which feels right (yikes a working on instinct!). i also decided to take new shots of the garden landscape to work with. while as a domestic landscape it has a lot of gender associations i feel under the current confinement it seems appropriate. yet the landscape is already framed in quite a cropped frame…. anyway here goes.

landscape images

preparing paper and bitmaps

printing first layer

printing second layer


reflection: think  need to scale up but keep the depth of the image the same and lengthen the horizontal dimension – a nod to a vista. i also would like to look at this with its projected image perhaps also cropped. and as if there is any doubt to screen printing’s wet materiality  – another aspect of this work loaded with gender associations


wet processes

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