landscape: double exposure and extending the frame

some exploratory research: thinking about the edge of the pictorial frame and limits chosen to contain landscape as image, i went to sandymount to gather some footage of the sea. the sea as a landscape stretches far to the horizon so it seemed like a good place to go to to examine how i contain landscape within a pictorial frame (or possibly not) and what conscious or unconscious decisions i make about the frames parameters. my initial idea was to gather and work with still and moving image, which i may still return to. however, after importing the footage, i started to work with a layered double exposure process where i overlaid a slightly more close up view of the sea on top of a more distant view of it. i kept the contrast low which seems to return the act of looking back to the body and the two eyes’ paralax or uneven dominance between right and left eye. this also inevitably returns to my questions about gendered construction of the landscape where the male view is afar and female is up close – a binary i am trying to tease out. anyway, here are some short experimental videos. in the last one i also ‘double exposed’ the sound, not as a stereo but with a slight shift in the start point of the overlaid soundscape.

reflection: there is something odd and kind of hypnotic about looking at a double exposed moving image. i could play around with the transparencies and see if the dominance of one or the other could change rather than one dominant over the other throughout. i also feel that this might be the way to start adding voice or narrative – at least as an experiment. and in relation to deciding the pictorial edge, i wonder if i should also take footage where i am surrounded by the water by getting into it to record?


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