more printing (the cycle of ease and unease in the studio)

ease and unease in the studio: in the studio again to work on a landscape image that i have been planning to do for someone for a while. the landscape means a lot to this person rather than to me, although i do know this landscape and have walked it. having explored colour related to printing positives and negatives last year, i had a good idea of how i would work this print. for the most part, the process went without a hitch and i think the previous experimental groundwork shows in its confidence. i love the ease and rhythm of printing on such days where i have a good sense of outcome. studio days like this are a rewarding part of my making cycle and seem to keep me going through the ‘what the hell’ days and ‘where the hell is all this going?’. it would be tempting to stick to what i know but i am already looking for for ways to make things hard by messing up anything i think i know until i am back to ‘what the hell’ again.  anyway here are images of the printing process for this image, a necessary step to ready me for a new cycle of experimentation full of unease.

images of process


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