stereograph landscape (developing a series)

developing a series: i just spent the last few days working on 3 editions of screen prints which uses a dual image to create a single image through a stereograph – like the way the human eye uses binocular stereopsis – a slight shift in the framing from left to right. this is all part of me questioning the single fixed perspective on the landscape – historically, a gendered (and class) perspective. it also responds to my research on lens as an embodied practice which is the focus of my written paper. while i am very happy with the quality of the colour, i think that these images have become increasingly dark and have lost some of their detail so i am thinking of adding a third white over layer of detail to the images – each has roughly 12 issues so i could try it on one of each to see if it works with the image and still have an edition of 11 or 10 if it doesn’t.

stereograph view one

stereograph view two

stereograph view three

finished prints

making & audience: started on making day, this development of a small series  of stereograph images began as exploratory making with no audience in mind (except myself/peers). this was something i felt i had to return to as i had been working towards an audience for the last while and was wondering if i needed more free exploratory making rather than working towards a finished piece. but, as i had just completed ‘view one’ of the stereograph series i felt the need to see if i could find an audience return because if i am making editions which i feel are working on some level, i feel i need to test it with an audience. first i posted about the series on ‘printmakers unite’ facebook group and got lots of positive feedback about developing a series, one suggesting a solo show (which this series and my video could be part of). i have been looking into other options for sending this work off to. there are a few ‘open calls’ for print exhibitions, mainly in the US which might require framed work. part of me does not want to rush this as the prints could be part of an installation with the stereograph apparatus. another part of me has a huge need to send the work off – whether fully formed or not and see what happens with an audience…. to be decided

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