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my xmas was spent with family in australia. although the sum total of my art making involved making glitter slime with my nieces, i did manage to see a great exhibition of pipilotti rist’s video installation work in sydney’s museum of contemporary art. i also saw some work by other contemporary australian and aboriginal artists in the NSW gallery in sydney also, as outlined in my previous blog. as ‘an apology for idlers’ – the break did me good and i’m delighted to be back in the studio today again and feel the need of some messy hands on making and doing.

here is a link to my petcha kucha xmas presentation from last monday:


some work by other australian artists….

2017-12-30 11.15.16

stacks on, jon campbell, 2010: a series of banners, screens and light boxes with text relating to campbell’s life and the australian lingo.

2017-12-30 12.21.01

untitled, mikaela dwyer, 1992 – 1994: a collection of domestic items – bowls, plates, toilet seats etc covered in haberdashery, fabrics and sticking plasters refering to dwyers life as a new mother and domestic preoccupations. the standing rods and planks seems to have a strange resonance with the following piece and aboriginal items of ritual.

2017-12-30 12.02.36

ngayirr, nicola foreshew, 2015 – 2017: a series of fallen branches with natural chrystalised materials on top. foreshew as an aboriginal artists is contemplating the natural, the magical and the ritual. all natural materials but liked the constrast of ‘bling’ against the weathered wood.

to be continued……

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