sip my ocean: pipilotti rist and some stories from oz

just checked out some art in the museumof contemporary art while here in sydney. the main exhibition running is pipilotti rist’s sip my ocean – a collection of her work from over the last decade or so by the swiss video installation artist. Sip full of multi-video sound and vision installation to immerse body and mind. here goes ….

administrating eternity, 2011: a series of video projections on light screens where images overlap as you pass through the space and cast shadows. an engaging piece as you become aware of your own shadows on fore, middle and back grounds.

your room opposite the opera, 1994 x 2017: a room full of quirky video projections on tables, beds, couches, bottles, books etc. a domestic setting where you can lie, sit and move between installations and let the projections wash over you. at times all a little post party feeling but maybe that was the point?

under the sky, 2007: a floor projection of changing aerial views of urban landscapes. looking down from above and standing on your shadow and its images. simple and engaging.

4th floor to mildness, 2016: a darkened room full of beds to lie on and gaze up at ceiling projections of videos and sounds of plant life, insects and changing natural forms. really wanted to be alone to watch these and held back from sharing in this communal space and experience.

pixelwald motherboard, 2016: hanging pendants of changing colored lights to walk between. was feeling dissatisfied by its precious ambient effects until I heard the soundscape of a song

I knew playing with an angry sounding voiceover of a girl singing the same song layered on top.

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