in/complete landscape continued

a step further: i have been meaning to revisit the screen printing exploratory series ‘incomplete landscape’ that i started which uses a split or two-part landscape image where the viewer has to move eyeline to complete the landscape into a single frame – again continuing my exploration of multiple views and unfixed perspectives. as i have been exploring the CMYK printing process in other images, i thought i might apply this process to ‘incomplete landscape’ series as another way to complete the landscape image through adding layers of colour to make up the whole. the first time i did this print on coils of paper i worked instinctively without any idea of where it was going. this time i planned and worked through possible combinations of image, form and colours. although instinct always plays a part with printing, working to a plan proved a trickier process in terms of the screen preparation and set up. also, because i wanted crisp edges , i cut the transparencies before exposing the screens which meant that i had to print a lot more separate stencils and this took a lot longer than i expected. i worked through the colours in order of CMYK although this sequence was not necessary for dual-colour images and all combinations had black as overlay.

planning possible combinations of image, form and colours.

cyan & black printing process

magenta & black printing process

yellow & black printing process

cyan and black

magenta & black

yellow & black

CYMK incomplete landscape

CYMK triple image incomplete landscape printing process

CYMK triple image incomplete landscape

reflection: although exhausted now from the numerous separate stencil printing, i feel that there is more i could do to push this – hanging the coils, folding the paper, stretching fabric or a composition of multiples (as above) etc. but i am happy that i am a step further in developing this work. as a test i also printed the image as a 2d image and think it works as a 2d image also and might explore a more fractured image. i might like to see what happens if i hang to parts of an image side by side but apart enough to be able to move between them. i am still undecided about the colour combinations so more testing to do there but i do like the CMYK layers with a unifying black throughout them. as the images are on rolls in these colours it somehow reminds me of the mechanics of digitally printing an image using rollers of ink – hand versus machine or something? over all, i think this is pushing me towards print and 3d form and suggests ideas about landscape as image and how it relates to experience, movement, body, through installation in some way. and as always  – with audience at the back of my mind, it might be helpful to work towards a submission of some kind with some of these ideas in mind as a way to test and refine … more to do but moving in the right direction.

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