lord of all i survey

intrigued by the work of Susan Trangmar – untitled landscapes. 1985. female figure in the landscape, back to the camera. (image: http://www.susantrangmar.com/art/untitled/Untitled3.html)

thoughts: scale. perspective. view. gaze. woman and the landscape. man and the landscape. female gaze. male gaze. positions of power. ownership. master. conqueror. lord of all i survey.

more thoughts: untitled landscapes. no title. title. position of command. status.

works that come to mind: early landscape photography of Bell and Sullivan, army  survey of  the wetern territories USA. (image: https://smartmuseum.uchicago.edu/exhibitions/onemany-western-american-survey-photographs-by-bell-and-osullivan/)


and my own work: Project 180km. 2016. tracing the steps of others. at times powerful. at times vulnerable and not feeling master at all. (image: https://www.elainecrowe.com/portfolio/180km/


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