video. body. movement

had great fun messing around with Aideen Barry’s video projections on my hands at DLR Lexicon where i brought some students today. video projections on drawings – started placing the video projections on my body/hand. video. body. movement.


found an image on someones blog last year who did likewise with my work island bound. caught herself present and conscious in the work. movement: body. video. immersion. distance. ClzfPuNXEAAXBuA

video and drawing (Barry) so how might video and print relate? static image. moving image. multiple images. single image. and the body and all its movements? puts me in mind of something i read in Christiane Baumgartner’s Cv/VAR Interviews about video and print – building an analogue image from digital information… movie. motion picture. movement and time.

Cv/VAR, (2011), Interviews – Artists, Patterns of Experience, Recordings 1988-2011. London: Cv Publications.

(images: e.crowe of Aideen Barry’s Slice Vast Deep at DLR Lexicon.  2017).


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