experimental filmmaking: a personal approach

day five: and so to the last day of the masterclass, which has been so freeing, inspiring and practical – what a mix. by about 12 o’clock, i decided to export my film so that i get a sense of it as a film. although there were a few things i wanted to tweak, i decided that this tweaking might never end and might over-polish the film and take away some of its surprise or dynamism. my film was added to the other 11 films and we watched the films together in sequence – projected and in cinematic conditions. the work together was incredible – so many different and personal approaches and so much achieved in such a short time. i was left feeling a mixture of emotions – excited for future works, thankful for the experience of learning and sharing together. i knew that there was something honest about our work – i suppose that our ‘authentic self’ emerged which gives a sense of courage for doing what we need to do and what we are driven to do.

film stills

post production: since the friday screening, i have since tweaked the ending of the film – just a small edit to the last 20 seconds. the title ‘retina’ also came to mind for the work, although i have refrained from adding a title frame to the end of it. i have also uploaded it to my online portfolio and sent it for consideration for an open call. i continue to be excited by this way of working, thinking and making and look forward to returning to much of my gathered footage over lockdown and beginning new work now and on future residencies.

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