experimental and personal filmmaking

Berlin: i am just back from a very creative week in Berlin, engaging with Experimental and Personal Filmmaking with Rouzbeh Rashidi and 11 other creative and fun artists. we explored experimental film and approaches to engaging with ourselves and our world through film making - theoretically and practically. the week culminated with a short film,... Continue Reading →

cycle of production

sequence: a little making after a bit of thinking then back to more thinking. this making is unrelated to the thinking but that's only momentarily and refreshing all the same. hang on, its all thinking and its all making.

digital and analogue

print exchange: i decided to work towards a print exchange in Oregon, as i wanted to explore screen printing an extensively edited image. working the digital and the analogue really interest me and this is something i keep returning to. i am happy with the outcome and have already cut, editioned and parcelled the edition... Continue Reading →

this and that

i have spent the last couple of days doing a bit of this and that - preparing and starting a big print run for a friend, which is now half completed. i also made a submission for an exhibition, which involved reediting some video work. i though about tidying my studio but figured i could... Continue Reading →

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