where am i so far (for group crit)

developing work: i am continuing to develop work related to landscape and the lens in 3 areas – video projection,  print, video projection with print. i intend to continue to develop these 3 areas until march when i will further select for exhibition. at the moment i have been concentrating on video & print and video installation. here are some recent developments …

IMG_7942still and moving image: i am exploring the framing of the landscape using still and moving images. i have been experimenting with projecting a video of a seascape through its bitmaps of same landscape image. i plan to explore this further by scaling up and using coloured bitmap layers. i may explore fabric (netting) as a medium for printing the bitmaps.

stereo video projection: i have been working on a layered (stereo) video projection using 2 projectors to project on top of each other. i have also been working on a soundscape for this piece, where, like this video, the voice is doubled and slightly out of sync. i have been trying various variations for the soundscape, which includes a narrative of factual references to the video frame, mismatched narratives and this one, which is made up of  spontaneous associations when reviewing this landscape. i intend to also record free associations in situ in the landscape as i frame – another type of framing.

double exposure: i have been also editing videos on top of each other with a slight shift in the frame, creating a type of double exposure. considering the lens as embodied practice, i am using a hand held camera to record and frame the landscape as i stand, walk etc.

print: in terms of developing my print work further, i intend to develop my stereograph double image screen prints further by introducing a fictional component to the image and see where that takes me. i am interested in the stereograph double image because the landscape is framed by the viewer, using 2 separate and almost identical frames, which the eye must align to complete a coherent frame – i am interested in seeing what happens when there is some incongruous element in the frame  – again making reference to the gendered binary divide between maker and taker of image and its framing of landscape.

contextual study: for my contextual study i intend to discuss landscape’s pictorial frame from a gendered perspective. i am interested in looking at how the rectilinear pictorial frame sets up a gendered binary of fact, order and objectivity attributed as male as ‘taker’ of image, whereas any manipulation of this frame is considered female or a challenge to this patriarchal order as ‘maker’ of image. i am still working though my argument as to whether manipulation of its pictorial frame reinforces this gendered binary or whether it challenges it and provides a more nuanced and less binary pictorial frame of the landscape.

notes from the group crit (17.02.20): T mentioned ‘binaural’ sound in relation to double exposure visuals which i have already been experimenting with but will be helpful to look into the theory behind this stereo way of working with sound. T also mentioned ways of panning sound from left to right using sound programmes – must check whats available in the adobe suite. R made some interesting points about the layering of cymk processes and possibly finding ways to respond to these colour layers through layered sound. H was interested din my language around ‘maker’ and ‘taker’ and how it relates to gender – i have already begin to explore this in my contextual study. H echoed what i had discussed with KF last week, finding my position shifted to a place more unknown in relation to my position in the landscape. H was also interested in the notion of echo, the fragmentary, the disembodied voice, the subjective and authoritative voice. am note sure who asked had i thought about using a male voice, which i have never thought of using seeing my work coming from a very subjective embodied place – is there room for something beyond myself? H also mentioned that i don’t need the answers  – questions are enough – have plenty of questions starting off on my contextual study anyway.

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