obeying & disobeying rules (making day)

making rules: with RT leading today’s making day, we started off by looking at some rules and manifestos by other artists – sister corita kent, marina abromovic, john age, dogma 95 etc. then made a list of some rules for today’s making – experiment, have a spoken component, undo what is done, use a new tool, make a mistake and leave it unfixed, create an explosion, leave room for quality x, work.

gathering: i came to the making session with nothing in mind so i could to leave myself open to new ways of working within the rules we would make. i started by gathering some new footage to work with – still and moving images of standing in the garden looking up.

experimenting: wasn’t sure what i was going to do but found some paper making frames that i forgotten i had and had never used.

something experimental

experiment one: A5 colour – something new

test two: A4 colour – don’t fix it

test three: A5 black & white – maybe time to undo something

IMG_7382 again.jpg

a mistake left unfixed

what would happen if i add a spoken component?

what happens next?

video work: i decided to spend the second half of the session experimenting with the video footage i collected  – i can see that i was influenced by the previous paper making work through the bits of pieces coming together, overlapping, layering and playing around with the parameters of the frame …. more to think/make upon. a great way to work  – reminds me of the landscape and lens residency i designed with the rule of  – make, landscape, lens,






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