continued making over the summer (part 2)

just to update what i have been working on over the summer – since my last post i have continued to screen print using objects of the landscape to create stencils, rather than the image and bitmap method i have been using. i wanted to use objects of a specific landscape where i walk and was spending my summer. as well as experiment freely, i also worked towards a few submissions by way of shaping some work against the endless possibilities of this method.

red dot art consultancy: i came across an open call for small print works by an art consultancy called ‘red dot’ which prescribed image and paper size for up to two prints of any print method. continuing my stenciling method, i experimented with colour, composition and layering etc. while working within the paper and image size given.

objects for stenciling screen


developing the edition

submission for open call

i printed a fairly consistent edition of 8 for each print before screen breakdown which was probably because i reprinted the same stencil a good few times during experimentation and also using the same stencil to layer. happy to say i just found out that the prints are accepted and will be promoted online and tour in various galleries in the UK. if/as work sells, i then send another print of the edition for the next gallery as it tours.

a walk in gortussa: i also experimented and developed another small edition with a particular person in mind for which this landscape would also have specific meaning for.

developing edition

going forward: as well as exploring connection to landscape through object i also want to explore the relationship between landscape as object and landscape as image – be that print or moving image.. not sure where this will take me just yet which in theory should be a good thing but also includes risk!

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