landscape and post-production: dublin feminist film festival

landscape and post production: last wednesday was the launch of dublin’s feminist film festival so i went to a series of short films by female film-makers. the shorts were by national and international film-makers and roughly 10 minutes in duration. the themes touched on overt feminist issues such as body image, sexuality, domesticity, motherhood, physical and sexual violence. while the work did not relate directly to landscape and the areas i am working on, it was good to see such range of experimental film-making, mainly through editing techniques in post-production, such as jump cuts, montage, animation and colour editing. in my landscape video work, i am usually slow to overly edit my video captures, i think mainly because i feel editing removes the viewer further away from the experience at moment of capture. one of the things that the artist charlotte prodger mentions when speaking about her hand-held and analogue approach is how she likes to include the body somehow in her captures. i like including the body in the capture as a way of stating that the body is present. i also wonder if there is scope to experiment with editing in post production, perhaps making any post-production editing part of the questions i am asking about landscape, body and the lens.



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