exploratory project (week 11): ceramic transfer workshop

spent last saturday in Island Mill Studios in Thomastown learning how to make print transfers for ceramic ware. lots of potential for this type of work as it allows you to play around with print, text and 3d objects. could be a way to explore some of the landscape print series i am working on and also the 3d processes i am working on in clay.  there is also scope to examine the whole history of landscape as transfer images on ceramics. anyway here are a few note and images of the day…

notes and images: the process involves working images with photoshop and getting them printed as glaze images or decals to transfer on ceramic ware. use 300 dpi images and jpegs. temp for decal is  800 – 900 C. sometimes the colour changes from the decal with firing – red especially. can also work as an over glaze. can also go on a bisque fire. use shelac if you want it to be glazed. ICAN (international ceramic artists network) will print decals. when you have the decals, peel of backing and then place in water to soak. then place where you want them on the ceramic ware. be sure to smooth out all the air bubbles as will burn as bubble marks in the kiln. beware of the surface of your ware and the curve of your ware to take the image flat. also let the transfer sit overnight before firing. clayfix have good tutorials to watch ceramic processes. have a few images that i got them to print that i can play around with when i get access to a kiln. thank you tina byrne of ceramics ireland and island mill thomastown.

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