making day

early start to a making day. for some reason worked in silence. spent time working on a series of lino prints of furniture stored in the shed from my grandparents home. unhomed chairs. as i worked, i began to consider the direction and position of the furniture. maybe position and direct along lines of gender? also need to consider the scale of each chair against each other.

the process of lino print needs repeated drawing and cutting: time spent thinking about the furniture as i draw, redraw and then start to cut. thoughts on the dynamics of the people who sat on them, their place in the home and my relationship to the home. all in the shed now, upended and gathering dust.



sometimes i prefer the lino or the plate to the print itself.

valuable feedback from the group: the chairs transform well to lino. controlled, expressive and mass-produced images from something unique (perhaps only make a very limited edition print related to the number of people in the family unit? is the chair unique?). twisted, repeated and love (twisted?) graphic, stark, minimal, (yes the colour needs work, lino i think is bold in nature), craftsmanship, design, personal object that connects with others (the hand cutters marks). i love that you have put repeated images it’s a repeated action like sitting on a chair (v v interesting – movement, try overlap image fading overlap images?) do i want to sit on these chairs or look at them? this connects with the way they are facing. tendency to anthropomorphise them. it would be interesting to try to represent them because of the emotional attachment to them.

of course it’s never really about the finished print with lino. always the next way of doing it. on that point – a different colour. an overlap of chair, a composition with the other chairs. a print to be projected on


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