halftone print fair 2018

i am taking part in halftone print fair again this year. i think i posted about deciding to print an edition ‘jellies’ where i was lead by an image rather than an idea that links to landscape, gender and body, although when i went to write a descriptive statement for this submission ‘medusa’ came to mind which it turns out is loaded with gender references which kinda leads back to the same preoccupations on some level. i also think it’s good to work laterally and see how odds and ends sit together and inform each other.


i sent in 1 framed and 3 mounted prints from the edition which are for sale although this is not my reason for participating. i guess i like a decided outcome from time to time, especially as i go off exploring other areas open endedly. an audience is good for the soul too while in the midst of exploratory making.

anyway it opens this thursday but i won’t make it in to see it in situ til next week. anyway here is a link to the work and my statement which feels reassuring to read, like it all makes sense and acts as a kind of focus before i wander off on tangents again.



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