all things considered (group crit)

a really interesting group crit this evening. the best thing to do with our discussion of so many things is to write it all down without filtering so all things considered… a list of words and phrases –

on mine: coils. wrapping the body, a movement. around the body. something to touch. fragmenting. spirals. suggesting movement. cylindrical movement in print and video form. a landscape breathing. round and around movement. a breathing. a flooding. seeking. emerging. the body – where is it at? perception. a motion. different people? a narrative. the sea. movement. prints. what is hidden. folds in the paper. appears, disappears. rolling. folding. hills – a landscape. flesh. undulating. female, movement. perception. truth. where is the truth. both are the truth. once removed from it. lost. finding position. poetic landscape. what am i looking at? projection with prints. red. the colour. is it instinctive – why is that colour instinctive? red – thermal images. infra red. a breathing thing. a heat. a body. the negative. being disrupted. not balanced. the gap. what happens there? in corners of spaces. creases. scale and form. scrolls as analogue. real. truth. image. truth to a truth. layers. duality. stereo. together or not. balance. imbalance.

on others: collision not chaos. layers. found materials. material practice. theory. . joining. colour. textures, tactile. objects. scale. take away from table-top scale. solid or fluid. line. rules. value systems. allowed. freedom. positive negative. control. training? skills? what do we value as skills? when to stop. what to chose. role models. female relationships. identity. real. hybrid person. icon. translation. communicate in various forms. what we see and hear. story. outside and inside. non linear narrative. reading. vibration. connections. time. speed. digital and analogue. diary. comfort and discomfort. first person perspective. questions. selection. what to record? attention. energy. images and words. match and mismatch. quantum physics. events. becomings. tension. focus. time. entanglements. intersections. investigation. unpacking.

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