looking back to looking forward (testing practice)

so far: looking back on my work related to the testing my boundaries task, there are lots of ideas to consider taking forward. one of the things that i have learned from the boundaries task was the relationship with audience and my making. i think going forward i want to continue to make work in relation to a specific audience – perhaps an open call or perhaps a self created audience somehow. i also want to make as exploration with no specific audience in mind. another thing that came up for me was the idea of developing a body of work rather than one off pieces – albeit with landscape, body, image gender at play in all none the less.

looking forward: happy to say that i am not short of ideas but anticipate that i may wonder off the plan as i begin to take action. while i am interested in creating work for a specific audience and making as exploration i am not sure yet which category these ideas will fall into yet. anyway, below are some of the things that i am considering …

some ideas i am considering: 

series of work: i am interested in developing some print work into a series this could be a continuation of my ‘incomplete landscape’ work  but this time using the CMYK process for screen printing and the colour separation also being a way of thinking about landscape and image as a process of making up – multiple/compound eye in mind. perhaps for specific audience, perhaps not.

CMYK  process and ‘incomplete landscapes’

analogue/digital image, still/moving image: i am also interested in continuing to look at landscape as image and the relationship between digital image and analogue image as a way of exploring a image versus experience or maybe my relationship between moving and still image. i just completed a CMYK screen print edition for a submission last weekend where i printed using frames like a film reel. i think i could take this further – either as a long roll of paper or as a contact sheet.

stereograph: with my ‘stereo’ landscape video in mind, i ordered a stereograph on ebay and am thinking of developing a series of work using the ideas of dual images of landscape with slight shift in perspective, like the stereograph cards – again to tease out something about landscape as image and continue my compound eye on the landscape. i made a quick attempt last week but only as a precursor to my tri-frame landscape as i wanted to change the proportions of the frames to fit a stereograph. this could develop into a series of work which might be something i could create an audience for either as mail art or even find a venue or open call for a series of work.

stereography is something i want to continue in my video work as a way of framing the landscape using a compound eye. i have gathered more footage which includes some walking captures which might shape into a narrative of some kind – well i am open to what emerges. again i am not sure of the position of audience yet but the fact that i have gathered footage and it has been sitting there might suggest that a specific audience might be helpful in putting shape on the ideas emerging.

still from ;stereo’ for strangelove film festival

landscape as body bound: there are some ideas that have emerged in relation to the research reading that i have been doing for my contextual study re landscape, lens, body and gender. this includes an urge to explore the landscape from a moving, tumbling, jumping body through video primarily but which might also develop into still frame and/or print?

shifting perspectives: another idea that keeps surfacing through my research reading is landscape as experience through shifting perspectives as Nan Shepard talks about – the near and far. so i would like to explore this somehow through video or print – as image or a mixture of image and sound relating to near and far. one idea that i might explore is the use of the instant camera. i also bought some instant film recently for my instant camera (which i hope still works) and think i will just go out there and see what happens – do i have an audience in mind in this making – could audience be witness to my making? or there other possibilities?

‘screen saver one’: loop of 1 second short for noematta film festival 2019

i also like the shifting perspective between near and far, here and there which i received as audience feedback for my ‘made up’ postcard series which the instant camera might lend itself to.

some abandon: finally, there is a part of me that wants to go out and see what happens without being too prescriptive. i feel safe having a plan but my plan can also include some time for exploration and making with no specific idea or audience in mind – i guess that is also a plan and audience of sorts though. so many ideas spurring me on just need to relax and enjoy them and give them the time to unfold.


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