‘made up’ postcards – out to audience (testing my boundaries week 13)

having selected a varied (kind of) audience, i spent today preparing the postcards for posting – addressing them, fixing stamps and writing a series of handwritten messages on them. the messages are short and allude to some of the things i have been thinking about in this work re landscape and image making. i varied what i wrote and the handwritten message on the first postcards relate to the handwritten messages on the second ones –

a landscape … or a series of dots

a landscape… more landscape

it might be this blue … it might be this green

i was really here … was it really like this

i saw some of it … i did see some of it

up close … from afar

a landscape … same landscape

better than the real thing … reality is overrated

remembering a landscape … do we remember in colour

blue sky and green field …  blue dots and yellow dots

this is not a landscape … this is a landscape

the postcards will be sent on monday and the second postcards will be sent on wednesday so all going well i should start to get some feedback by the following week although 3 postcard pairs are going abroad to London, Australia and Hong Kong which might take longer. looking forward to what feedback comes my way as i think there is scope for the ‘conversations’ to go in many directions which should be interesting.


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