more questions (making & contextual study)

overview: over the past few months i have been dipping into some texts that might be relevant to, expand or inform my making and my articulation of it. while still very broad, these texts have opened up questions for me about landscape and lens based processes: the haptic and optic experience of landscape and lens based work, lens as an embodied practice, landscape and the gendered lens, the relationship between landscape experience and landscape imagery. this area of questioning follows on from my exploratory project and contextual study last year which looked at landscape and landscape imagery from a gendered perspective. new texts this year include:
Alexander’s (2015) Perspectives on Place, Theory and Practice in Landscape Photography, 
Barker’s (2009) The Tactile Eye, Touch and the Cinematic Experience, 
Mark’s (1999) The Skin of Film, Interculturalism, embodiment and the Senses, 
Mark’s (2002) Touch, Sensuous Theory and Multisensory Media,
Shephard’s (1977) The Living Mountain, 
Sorbchack’s (1992) The Address of the Eye.
where am i now?: i am still at the stage of reading broadly on the topic of landscape and/or lens based processes. through both my reading and making, i am starting to get a better sense of more specific areas that i would like to research, namely landscape and lens as an embodied practice (haptic and optic) and landscape and the gendered lens. both of these areas overlap and are very relevant to my current video and print making.
where do i start?: i feel i really need to start by writing down all the possible questions i could investigate on these topics mentioned above, by way of extracting a possible argument or thesis. this could help me narrow down research texts, relevant artists and structure my writing. i feel that this list of questions should include the questions that emanate from my making as well as reading.
practice based issues – the why: questions and issues that have arisen in my making include: in relation to landscape – what is the relationship between experience, lens, imagery & audience, what is the relationship between lens and body, how is lens part of an embodied practice of making for me and audience, as an embodied practice, is lens inevitably gendered, what do i define as landscape, why the great outdoors and what is its relationship to an indoor landscape, domesticity and gender? many of these questions are ongoing, others have arisen more recently this year. some have arisen specifically to my ‘testing my boundaries’ task, especially in relation to audience, what audience, what boundaries, how can i push or test them?
some troubles: as always, my main concerns usually involve trying to be more specific. like my making, this is usually because i like to work on a few ideas simultaneously although usually within one overarching concern. through the overlaps, working this way helps me to come a bit closer to the thing that i’m looking for but not always helpful when working to a given timeframe.
some pleasures – making connections between making, reading and writing: possibly the reason for my difficulty in pinning specific areas (already plural!) down is that i enjoy dipping into texts that can inform my thinking and making (dipping and not reading cover to cover). sometimes it can be just a word or phrase that resonates with me. i love these moments when i make connections between my making, reading and writing. not only does it feed ideas, it can also help me to understand and articulate things i have been doing in my making. on a practical level, making these connections is a great help to submitting work and writing statements etc.
some links to recent thinking and making:

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