exploratory project (week 11): planning

revising my plan: just making sure that i keep on top of the deadlines looming. here are the main elements i am working on and the important dates for them to be completed by.

important dates: written work: 14th May, exploratory project: information sent electronically by 31st May, physical work sent on 31st May to arrive for 7th June.

main elements: written work: contextual study and PPP, exploratory project: print series, 3d processes, video work (3d processes, mirror walking, mirror writing), 8 links to work processes.

my timetable: (6 weeks left)

week 10 (23 – 29th April): written work: finish contextual study and PPP

week 11 (30 April – 6th May): exploratory project: print – prepare and send bitmaps to print studio by Thurs 3rd May.

week 12 (7th – 13th May): print (print in studio 8th & 9th May) 3d processes (finish 3d work 5th-7th May), video work (in situ work 10th-13th May) video work (mirror walking 10th -13th)

week 13 (14th – 20th May): written work (send all written work 14th May) video work (mirror writing)

week 14 (21st – 27th): video work (edit all video work)

week 15 (28th May – 3rd June) links (prepare links 28th -31st May) send physical work by 31st May to arrive by 7th June.

easy peasy…………….oh except i’ve got a full time job!








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