upskilling: carborundum printing

carborundum printing: had a great weekend at graphic print studio in dublin learning a new printing technique using carborundum. one of the many print techniques i want to develop. great scope to experiment with mark making, texture and colour. lends itself to landscape… ordered a new bench printing press so i can work away myself. part of my unofficial professional practice plan.

ink colour mixing
mark making print
inked plates
inked plates

notes on technique: using polycarbonate plates, de-grease by rubbing with talc and ammonia, rinse. rub and rince x 2. only rub print side. mix pva, eva and carborundum to various densities, light, medium, heavy. heavy will hold most ink. apply carborundum as required using brushes, scalpels, sponges etc. you could also dry point etch the surfaces in places. apply oil based etching ink using small squeegies. rub off ink with cloth. mix inks on plate surface if required. roll ink in places if required. wet paper and run through the press. you can often get best result on second run. they can be single prints or editions where each colour mix is identical on each print. clean with white spirits or re-ink without cleaning.

untitled landscapes






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